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3rd July 2012

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I’m usually very supportive and accepting of trans* and otherkin and other such conditions in which the person feels as though they are in the wrong body. I can totally get behind that, because we don’t actually know if souls exist or not, and they could have just been placed into the wrong body at birth. 

But transethnicity.

I think that nobody should be defined for their race. If you took a person who just happened to be white and stuck them in a black body, they would be the same exact person. People saying that they feel like they’re a different ethnicity is one of the most discriminatory and demeaning things I’ve ever seen in my life.

Just because you like someone else’s culture, that does NOT mean you were meant to be part of that culture. Culture is not born, it’s taught. If an Indian girl were to be raised in a white family, she would be part of whatever culture that white family was part of. She would not wear a hijab or believe in Islam just because she was Indian and from that part of Indian culture.

Therefore, saying that you feel “out of place” in your own culture and you’d be better off in another is just downright silly. I mean, really? If you so desperately want to be of another culture, just go move there and stop spewing this bullshit. If you can’t move there now, aspire to move there. Become part of the culture. Just leave your racist stereotypes out of it.

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